The Greek roots of the word photography translate as "writing with light." Welcome to my studio--a place to practice and illuminate good work using writing and photography.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Western Painted Neighbor

Good evening Turtle Girl, 
what a surprise,
you and me face to face on the lawn.

Last I spied you in the creek, 
that boy turtle made your knees weak as
he caressed you with all his ten claws.

When you touched him right back,
more than once, I did wage,
before you sunk down in the mud . . .

. . . now it is June, here you are, may I ask;
are you looking to lay down your eggs?

Here, near the creek, in the overgrown beds
your clutch can birth without harm.
We'll pledge you a gate
safe from herons and crows
though you'll have to watch out for the snake.

You could build a nursery under the stairs,
a place to lay down your pearls; 
it's the coolest shade that we have in the yard, tho
you know, in this heat you'll hatch girls.

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