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Friday, November 27, 2015

Savoring the taste of Kona

While hunting through photo files for a specific image I came across memories from the Big Island. This ripe palm caught my eye. Unlike most fruiting plants, mature coconut trees produce their fruits year-round rather than in one specific season. We were there in January. Immature fruit is harvested for its fibrous husks, which are used for making mats, brooms and brushes, while mature fruit is harvested for its nutritious white meat, called copra, which is used in baking and cooking. This shot was taken in the parking lot of the outfitter we hired to take us offshore to swim with spinner dolphins.

There are strict rules about not touching (hands at your sides), but if you are dropped off in the right place these promiscuous little creatures will absorb you into their pod to swim along as long as you can keep up. Spinners sleep only half of their brain at a time while they "hold hands" with a partner, allowing for each to rest the side of the brain that is touching while the outside fins navigate them together. No wonder they launch out of the water and spin. That and they have lots of sex.

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