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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yellow Warbler Mystique

A few years ago while visiting relatives on Plum Island in Massachusetts there was an evil little Cardinal that knew I wanted nothing more than to catch him with my Nikon. He would have nothing of it, all the while playing hide-and-seek to taunt me to fetch my camera and then disappear, popping up on the other side of the house. This Yellow Warbler is likely a cousin to that frustrating Cardinal, teasing me to set up the tripod and then flight to the next tree in the circuit. And then I found out how formidable this tiny bird. He winters somewhere between Mexico and the tropics. A miracle of sorts. While he was on his own near the Metolius River above Heising Springs, when he is with his peeps they are called a "stream," "sweetness," or a "trepidation" of warblers.

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