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Friday, February 11, 2011

Memorable Michoacan

"Everything is for sale in Mexico," someone told me before I headed for Michoacan. What I noticed is everyone works to contribute. Young alongside old, families sell things from shops and booths; street vendors offer maps and trinkets, specialty food items and assistance (a hand with your luggage perhaps), even a song.

Clowns impress motorists during red lights at large intersections to earn a few pesos.

Those who dance, dance, and then they pass the hat.

Those who make sopas and tamales sell them face to face on the street and table-side at outdoor restaurants. Those who shine shoes line the city streets or carry mobile units available on call.

And they start very young.

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  1. Tonia. We met at Jessica Morrell's writing workshop in January and I found this link to your blog on her blog. Your photographs are absolutely stunning. Just gorgeous. I am so glad I have had a chance to see them. I will check in regularly.
    Regards. Rachael Spavins