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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The fisherman and the pelican

Along the coast where strangers reign a fisherman and pelican work the surf--wade, heave, cast, retrieve.

Skim, hover, plunge, gulp. Neither notice the three-story hacienda or its well-mannered bougainvillea, strangers toasting distinctive wine from the deck.

Skim, heave, plunge, retrieve. Neither pays mind to tiny turtles in a plastic tub released to cheering strangers who hold margaritas, poke timid ones toward the short. Wade, skim, hover, gulp.

Unlike strangers who maneuver the land, the fisherman and pelican take only their fill.

Unlike strangers who pay the tips, the fisherman and pelican are gone long before senoritas whirl and whoop with the mariachi band.

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