The Greek roots of the word photography translate as "writing with light." Welcome to my studio--a place to practice and illuminate good work using writing and photography.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Writing on the porch

She trembled, 
standing over me, 
I listened politely from my makeshift desk, 
clueless to her meaning. 
She stared a moment, 
left in a huff. 
I returned to the page. 
Back in an instant, 
more insistent, 
she shrewed, 
"Vit, vitvitvit, vitvit," 
then launched from her perch, 
dove, just missing my head, 
joined her baby 
in the nest above.


  1. There is something special going on with words and a picture here...

  2. I take this as high praise my revered friend. Thank you for the time you choose to spend reading my work. There is no greater gift. xo